Ertiga Philippines: Suzuki Ertiga Specifications and Prices in Philippines


Drive the Ertiga and experience true elegance. It’s designed in every detail so you can enjoy a vibrant, active lifestyle with your loved ones. But it does much more than that. It’s a vehicle that rewards you in every dimension — personally, aesthetically, and emotionally — Up Your Ride with the New Ertiga Hybrid!
Grow with elegance.

With its aerodynamic body and sleek, flowing lines, the Ertiga carries you to your destination in real style. From the front, the vehicle’s bold and distinctive visage heralds your approach with dynamic elegance, attracting admiring looks wherever you go.

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Surround yourself with quality.

The Ertiga welcomes you to the cabin with smart, upscale dashboard and door trim, richly textured two-tone upholstery, and state-of-the-art instrumentation. The D-shaped steering wheel with integrated audio system controls and premium quality design accents lets you stay fully in command on winding roads and busy city streets!

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Safety measures for your peace of mind.

The Ertiga is equipped with an array of features to help enhance safety for the driver, passengers, and even pedestrians. From fundamental structural features to protect cabin integrity in the event of a collision, to advanced assistive technologies to help you maintain traction and steering control, the Ertiga is built with safety in mind.

Performance and comfort optimized

Driving the Ertiga you’re in command of a smooth and responsive engine equipped with a hybrid system. Whether you’re commuting, heading out on vacation, or just going shopping, the Ertiga responds immediately and precisely to your input with satisfying, fuel-efficient power.

Room for all your things.

The Ertiga gives you plenty of space to carry things even when every seat is occupied. Whether you’re heading for the airport with all your luggage or just going to the store for groceries, there’s room enough for everything you need. What’s more, the wide and tall tailgate opening ensures quick, easy loading and unloading.

(Luggage board available only for GL and GLX variants)

Engine Auto Stop Start System (EASS)

EASS system automatically stops the engine when you stop the car, for example while you wait for the traffic lights to change. This prevents unnecessary fuel consumption and helps limit exhaust emissions and engine noise. *Operation of Engine Auto Stop Start system requires certain conditions to be met.