Celerio Philippines: Suzuki Celerio Specifications and Prices in Philippines


For those who live each moment to the fullest, the celerio is here to let you enjoy experiences nothing less than extraordinary. Its large and comfortable space in a compact body turns your everyday into grand moments. Hop into the celerio, because life is more exciting when lived large.
Designed to stir up your excitement

Designed to move your heart, the celerio’s vibrant and dynamic styling with a lively contour enthralls you wherever it goes.

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Heightens your experience from within

The interior of the Celerio brings your senses alive. There’s energy in every aspect of its styling. The three-dimensional vents and meter cluster stand out and add to the overall lively interior design, heightening your mood to drive.

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More safety for more fun

Enjoy peace of mind when you drive the new Celerio. It’s equipped with features that help protect both occupants and pedestrians. So you can have non-stop fun knowing that you are in good hands.

Performance that leaves a big impression

What happens when a great imagination is set free? Endless possibilities and a lot of fun behind the wheel. So whether it’s a quick trip to market or a day out filled with moments to remember, when you drive Celerio, the experience is as unforgettable as it is fuel efficient.

Live it up in every way

Wide cabin for all your friends and ample luggage space for a weekend getaway, there is enough room for all. Further, an air conditioner adds comfort and the new generation display audio connects excitement. Comfortable, convenient and entertaining features transform everyday drives into fun filled moments.

Engine Auto Stop Start System (EASS)

EASS system automatically stops the engine when you stop the car, for example while you wait for the traffic lights to change. This prevents unnecessary fuel consumption and helps limit exhaust emissions and engine noise. *Operation of Engine Auto Stop Start system requires certain conditions to be met.