Price List

Price list

Pricelist updated as of March 2019. Suzuki Philippines reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.


Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift Exterior

Swift hide

Swift GL 1.2L - M/T ₱755,000
Swift GL 1.2L - CVT ₱799,000
Swift Special Edition 1.2L - M/T ₱804,800
Swift Special Edition 1.2L - CVT ₱848,800
Suzuki Celerio
Suzuki Celerio Exterior

Celerio hide

Celerio- M/T-1.0L ₱558,000
Celerio- CVT-1.0L ₱598,000


Suzuki Dzire
Suzuki Dzire Exterior

Dzire hide

Dzire GA 1.2L - M/T ₱549,900
Dzire GL 1.2L - M/T ₱638,000
Dzire GL+ 1.2L Auto Gear Shift (AGS) ₱698,000
Suzuki Ciaz
Suzuki Ciaz Exterior

Ciaz hide

CIAZ- GL 1.4L - M/T ₱823,000
CIAZ- GL 1.4L - A/T ₱873,000
CIAZ- GLX 1.4L - A/T ₱978,000


SuzukiErtiga Exterior

All-New Ertiga hide

All-New Ertiga GA - MT (Black Edition) ₱738,000
All-New Ertiga GL - MT (Black Edition) ₱858,000
All-New Ertiga GL - AT (Black Edition) ₱898,000
All-New Ertiga GLX - AT (Black Edition) ₱988,000
Suzuki APV
Suzuki APV Exterior

APV hide

APV GA 1.6L - M/T ₱588,000
APV GLX 1.6L - M/T ₱808,000

SUV / Off-Roader

Suzuki The New Vitara
Suzuki The New Vitara Exterior

The New Vitara hide

The New Vitara GL+ 1.6L - A/T ₱1,038,000
The New Vitara GLX 1.6L - A/T ₱1,158,000
SuzukiJimny Exterior

All-New Jimny hide

All-New Jimny GL (Monotone) 5MT ₱975,000
All-New Jimny GL (Monotone) 4AT ₱1,035,000
All-New Jimny GLX (Monotone) 4AT ₱1,085,000
All-New Jimny GLX (2 Tone) 4AT ₱1,095,000
Suzuki Vitara
Suzuki Vitara Exterior

Vitara hide

Vitara GL 1.6L - A/T ₱913,000
Vitara GL+ 1.6L - A/T ₱1,028,000
Vitara GLX 1.6L - A/T ₱1,148,000

Commercial Vehicles

SuzukiCarry Exterior

All-New Carry hide

All-New Carry Cab and Chasis 1.5L ₱499,000
All-New Carry Truck 1.5L ₱509,000
All-New Carry Cargo Van 1.5L ₱576,000
SuzukiCarry Utility Van
SuzukiCarry Utility Van Exterior

All-New Carry Utility Van hide

All-New Carry Utility Van 1.5L ₱614,000
Suzuki APV Utility Van
Suzuki APV Utility Van Exterior

APV Utility Van hide

APV Utility Van 1.6L - M/T ₱660,000
Suzuki Super Carry Diesel
Suzuki Super Carry Diesel Exterior

Super Carry Diesel hide

Pick-up 0.8L DDiS Turbo Diesel ₱489,000
Suzuki Super Carry - Utility Van (UV)
Suzuki Super Carry - Utility Van (UV) Exterior

Super Carry - Utility Van (UV) hide

Utility Van 0.8L DDiS Turbo Diesel ₱580,000
Suzuki Super Carry - Cargo Van
Suzuki Super Carry - Cargo Van  Exterior

Super Carry - Cargo Van hide

Cargo Van 0.8L DDiS Turbo Diesel ₱539,000