Shall We Drive? Let Suzuki and Doraemon Be With You.  Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Shall We Drive? Let Suzuki and Doraemon Be With You.

Manila, Philippines, March 9, 2020--Suzuki Philippines, the pioneer in compact car distribution invites families to have a fun and memorable experience in Suzuki dealerships nationwide. Purchasing your own vehicle is made more unforgettable by Suzuki with Doraemon, the robotic cat character that is loved by many generations. 

Doraemon is a popular character, who in his own adorable way, graced the television screens of Filipino families even across Asia. Many will still probably have fresh memories of watching Doraemon on TV, which considered it as part of their everyday habit during the days. 

As a result, the fun, carefree, and inspirational character named Doraemon who promises to make everyone’s dream come true has proven to be one of the most influential brands. Every activity always came with positive outcomes in attendees when it came to Doraemon branded events. On the other hand, merchandise items still make their way to the shelves of toy stores across different countries even outside Asia up to this date. 

Suzuki Philippines knows that purchasing a vehicle is one of the most memorable moments in a family’s journey. The whole family will be able to experience the convenience of having a new vehicle to take with them to new destinations, adventures, and lasting memories. With this realization, visiting the showroom with your family is the beginning of an enjoyable journey with the “Shall We Drive” Campaign. 

In the Philippines, the “Shall We Drive” Campaign will be evident in all Suzuki dealerships starting the month of March. Families, individuals, and motorists alike passing through any Suzuki dealership will spot loveable Doraemon memorabilia nationwide. To add up to the enticing experience, customers can win specialty items in all major Suzuki Philippines activities! It’s going to be a fun whole-year round drive with Doraemon and Suzuki as the Shall We Drive Campaign will be effective from March 2020 to February 2021.  

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