All-new Suzuki Carry Lands in PH, Drives Filipino Businesses to Success Friday, September 27, 2019

All-new Suzuki Carry Lands in PH, Drives Filipino Businesses to Success

SPH gives Filipinos more business and transport partners with the new APV UV and Suzuki Dzire GA

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. September 26, 2019 – Suzuki Philippines Inc. (SPH), the country’s pioneer subcompact car distributor, introduces its newest breed of workhorse vehicle, the all-new Suzuki Carry. 

Designed to meet the needs of commercial businesses, the all-new Carry is packed with upgraded features and a lightweight yet fuel-efficient engine, making it a tough and reliable partner to drive every Filipino business owners to success. 

“Filipinos are a hard-working people. The all-new Suzuki Carry is engineered to match the level of dedication Filipinos put in their businesses. We designed this new workhorse vehicle to deliver any business requirements with efficiency and power to do more. With the all-new Suzuki Carry, we extend the Suzuki Way of Life! to small and medium enterprises and be a part of their journey to success,” Suzuki Philippines Director and Automobile Division General Manager Keiichi Suzuki shares.

A reliable workhorse to carry more

Succeeding the Suzuki Super Carry, which bagged the 2016 Best Commercial Utility Vehicle by Car Awards Group, Inc., the all-new Carry amps performance with a stronger and fuel-efficient K15B 1.5-liter engine, providing more power to carry out every task in any road conditions with ease. This upgrade delivers more output power at 96hp/5,600rpm and torque at 135N.m/4,400rpm over the entire range, giving business owners the confidence to deliver on their business commitments. 

The all-new Carry stays true to its nature as a reliable and functional workhorse with its exterior design exuding simplicity, durability and a good sense of balance. It has a wider and longer body with access to side gates opening from all sides making loading and unloading cargo of any size and shape easier. The new truck is also packed with 22-rope hooks to secure any cargo during transit.   

Supported with a bed 365mm longer and 75mm wider than its predecessor, the all-new Carry boasts a greater loading capacity of 940kg with better weight distribution when fully loaded. Its cabin space now features a more spacious design to ensure a more comfortable seating position with ample distance between the hip point and the center of the accelerator pedal. Aside from the added storage in the dashboard and the cabin, the shift lever is now situated on the dashboard to provide extra legroom for an optimum driving experience. 

The all-new Suzuki Carry can be converted and modified to suit any business needs. It can be used a utility van, cargo truck, or pick-up truck with the same reliability and functionality expected of a trusted workhorse. 

The All New Carry price starts at:

  • 499,000 - Cab and Chassis
  • 509,000 – Carry Truck
  • 576,000 - Carry Cargo Van
  • 614,000 – Carry Utility Van

Business and transport partners

Alongside the all-new Carry and to support Filipinos’ diverse business and transport requirements, SPH also introduces the latest variant of its signature compact sedan –the new Suzuki Dzire GA. 

SPH hopes to provide Filipino commuters with additional ride-sharing options with the all-new Suzuki Dzire GA. Suzuki’s signature sedan gets a fresher look with easy-to-handle compact dimensions and expanded storage capacity, making it an ideal addition to a taxi fleet business sporting. The all-new Dzire GA features a more compact K12M engine under its hood with increased fuel efficiency. Its interior and engine performance are guaranteed to give complete comfort for all the passengers traversing the busy streets of the metro. 

Added in their Dzire vehicle list Suzuki Dzire GA price starts at:

  • 549,900 – Dzire GA 1.2L – Manual Transmission


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