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Suzuki Dzire GA 1.2L - M/T Exterior

Dzire GA 1.2L - M/T

Suzuki DZIRE



Suzuki Dzire Exterior

Price starts at ₱549,900
The appearance, colours, and equipment of vehicles may differ according to market and grade.

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Suzuki Dzire front exterior

The front incorporates a wide open grille with an aggressive bumper that truly fits in with the authentic sedan styling. The increased overall width emphasizes the boldness of the lower body and the compact cabin.

Suzuki Dzire roofline, cabin and surrounding area

The roofline, cabin and surrounding area flow smoothly from the sharply slanted A-pillar to forward sloping C-pillar. The upper area expresses a sense of speed, which sits on a solid lower area of the body, giving the Dzire a sleek character

Suzuki Dzire rear exterior

The rear styling features a skirt-like bumper which catches the energy from the front and expressive side character lines

Suzuki Dzire Wide open front grille with silver accents

Wide open front grille with silver accents

Suzuki Dzire Chrome Moulding on rear

Chrome Moulding on rear

Suzuki Dzire Chrome Moulding on rear

Chrome Moulding on rear

Suzuki Dzire Multi Reflector Headlamp

Multi Reflector Headlamp

Suzuki Dzire Rear Combination Lamps with LED

Rear Combination Lamps with LED

Suzuki Dzire Fog Lamps (GL+)

Fog Lamps (GL+)

Suzuki Dzire 15-inch Alloy Wheel

15-inch Alloy Wheel

Available Colours for GL Variant

Suzuki Dzire Pearl Midnight Black (ZAM)

Pearl Midnight Black (ZAM)

Suzuki Dzire Metallic Silky Silver (Z2S)

Metallic Silky Silver (Z2S)

Suzuki Dzire Premium Arctic White (ZHJ)

Premium Arctic White (ZHJ)

Available Colours for GL+ Variant

Suzuki Dzire Premium Oxford Blue (ZYA)

Premium Oxford Blue (ZYA)

Suzuki Dzire Premium Sherwood Brown (ZYB)

Premium Sherwood Brown (ZYB)

Suzuki Dzire Pearl Midnight Black (ZAM)

Pearl Midnight Black (ZAM)

Suzuki Dzire Metallic Magma Gray (Z7Q)

Metallic Magma Gray (Z7Q)

Suzuki Dzire Premium Arctic White (ZHJ)

Premium Arctic White (ZHJ)

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Instrument Panel

The instrument panel has a sophisticated design with silver accents and wide solid contours

Suzuki Dzire Instrument Panel
Suzuki Dzire Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel

The Dzire features a D-shaped steering wheel.

Suzuki Dzire Silver Accent

Silver Accent

Black interior with dark silver ornament 7” Multimedia Audio System (GL+)

Suzuki Dzire Front Seats

Front Seats

The optimized springs, seat cushion and bolsters enhance the ride comfort with better fit and shock absorption.

Suzuki Dzire Upholstery


The high grade fabric comes with willow riverside pattern lending a premium look to the interior

Suzuki Dzire Rear Seats

Rear Seats

The increased tandem distance provides a larger legroom for enhanced seating comfort. The rear seats are equipped with head restraints.

Suzuki Dzire Air-Conditioning System

Air-Conditioning System

The air-conditioning sytem feature a control panel with polygonal design theme.

Suzuki Dzire Meter Cluster

Meter Cluster

The meter cluster comes with a tachometer and is illuminated in dazzling white light, highlighted by silver accents.

Suzuki Dzire Enhanced Interior Comfort


Smart Packaging of the Dzire demostrates easy-to-handle compact dimensions and expanded storage capacity, resulting in a better utilization of space across the vehicle.

Enhanced Interior Comfort

Tandem Distance

Tandem distance (gap between front and rear seats) of Dzire is expanded by 69mm compared to the previous Swift Dzire.

Head Clearance

With the new-generation platform, the hip point of passengers from the ground are lowered by 22mm in front and 38mm in rear compared to the previous Swift Dzire, resulting in lower vehicle height, while ensuring sufficient head clearance.

Turning Radius

The new Dzire has a minimum turning radius of 4.8m, which provides excellent maneuverability even on narrow lanes that is expected in compact cars.


The smart packaging of the Dzire allows for 378 litres of boot space, which is 73 litres more than the current Swift Dzire.

Suzuki Dzire Ample Boot Space
Suzuki Dzire Glove Box

Glove Box

Suzuki Dzire Front Console Box

Front Console Box

Suzuki Dzire Front Cup Holders

Front Cup Holders

Suzuki Dzire Front Door Pocket

Front Door Pocket

Suzuki Dzire Rear Door Pocket

Rear Door Pocket

Suzuki Dzire Passenger Seat Back Pocket

Passenger Seat Back Pocket

Suzuki Dzire Rear seat comfort

Rear seat comfort

A rear console tray and 12 volt accessory socket provide a space that can be used to store and charge mobile devices even for rear passengers. The rear AC ventilation provides great comfort.

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Suzuki Dzire Engine


The improved K12M engine is more compact with increased fuel efficiency compared to the previous model. It is equipped with direct action intake VVT, 4 Cylinder, DOHC, 16 valve that delivers a maximum 82 hp of power and 113 nm of torque.

Suzuki Dzire Intelligent Actuating System
Suzuki Dzire Auto Gear Shift (AGS)


Fully employing CAE (computeraided engineering) from the design development stage and submitting clay models and prototypes to exhaustive wind tunnel tests, led to the achievement of exceptional aerodynamic performance, without spoiling interior roominess

Suzuki Dzire Aerodynamics

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Pedestrian injury mitigating body

The structure of Dzire’s bonnet, front windscreen wiper area, front bumper and other parts absorb impacts with the aim of mitigating head and leg injuries in the event of a collision with pedestrian.

Suzuki Dzire Pedestrian injury mitigating body

Light and impact absorbing body (TECT)

The Dzire uses Suzuki’s TECT, or Total Effective Control Technology, to effectively absorb impact on the body and disperse the collision energy across the frame thereby mitigating damage to the car and its occupants

Suzuki Dzire Light and impact absorbing body (TECT)

Light and impact absorbing body (TECT)

Suzuki Dzire Dual Airbags

Dual Airbags

New-generation platform ”HEARTECT”

The Dzire rests on a new-generation platform “HEARTECT” that delivers enhanced fundamental vehicle performance due to being light and highly rigid. A continuous frame that increases underbody stiffness. The new frame is characterized by a smooth, curving form that effectively disperses impact energy in the case of a collision. This greatly contributes to lower fuel consumption with vast improvements to the fundamental vehicle performance in terms of running , turning and stopping.

Suzuki Dzire New-generation platform ”HEARTECT”

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Suzuki Philippines reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.



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